Please do not hesitate to contact Absolute Blonde on 1300 858 821 for further information or email Absolute Blonde on

Are photos allowed to be taken?
Please ask our entertainers before the performance if photos are allowed as some ladies do not mind photos but other do not want photos, videos, etc. If an entertainer has asked for the crowd not to take photos and the audience does, the entertainer can leave immediately and you will NOT GET A REFUND!

How to pay?
A deposit around 25% must be made to confirm a booking, and the rest given to the performers upfront in CASH on the night. An eletronic transfer can be made to Absolute Blonde or you can make the deposit by giving us your credit card details on the phone.

Deposits are not refundable. If the date of function is changed within 14 days you may use your deposit for the changed date however if you do not give us two weeks notice of the change of date, half of your deposit we be taken as a penalty and the other half used for 50% of your deposit for the future date therefore the other 50% of the deposit will have to be paid to confirm your changed booking.

How to make a booking?
Call Absolute Blonde on 045 877 4283 or email with the ladies/men you’d like to book for your event- if you’d like us to choose the entertainers that is also fine. To confirm a booking a deposit will need to be made to Absolute Blonde which is normally 25% of the price.

Does Absolute Blonde take bookings on the night?
Yes we do take bookings on the night however this lowers your chance of getting your favourite Absolute Blonde performer.

How far in advance should I book?

Try book as soon as possible to make sure you get all your favourite entertainers on that special night. From August – March please try book atleast 2weeks in advance if possible as these are our busy seasons.

Is touching allowed?
No touching is allowed unless the stripper/waitress confirms that she or he is 100% ok with touching. If any person does touch the stripper without asking permision she or he has the right to leave immediately and you will NOT GET A REFUND.

Is the chosen entertainer guarenteed?
To avoid dissapointment please book in advance as some of the ladies and men get booked weeks in advance. If your booking is confirmed the chosen entertainers will be at your event however everyone occasionaly gets sick so if any of your chosen entertainers are sick we will call you in order to organise a suitable replacment- However this is very rare.

How much space is needed for the stripper?
Around 2M X 2M is needed but the more space the better. A lounge room is normally used.