Strippers, Topless Waitresses And Barmaids In Camp Hill, Norman Park, Ascot

Australia’s top stripping agency, Centrefold Strippers is home to some of the hottest strippers in the whole of Australia. Because Centrefold Strippers is the leading stripping agency in Australia, these girls are employed by us. If you need help with a few XXX-bucks party ideas then you’ve come to the right place. Centrefold Strippers helps thousands of clients put together unforgettable bucks nights each year. Our waitresses have taken Brisbane by storm and are essential for a successful bucks party.

No matter the nature of the event that you’re going to throw, we have girls for you. Waitresses can work in lingerie, topless or nude. There’s also the option of a progressive waitress – one hour lingerie, one hour topless and one hour nude which is an interesting way to build excitement over the evening. We employ these girls on their personality as well as their looks and as a result your waitress will be friendly and interactive.

If you’re interested in a stripper, this is a service we specialise in as well. Our XXX shows will truly put the focus on the buck. The XXX show consists of a strip tease and strip show with the XXX strippers attention focused primarily on the buck.

We have a variety of novelty shows for you to choose from if you want to spice up the show a bit. Our R-rated shows are fully nude, open legged strip shows however they don’t include sex toys. We have an option of raunchy with the lot which includes aspects of a strawberries & cream show as well as a bath show. With regards to our XXX strip show we have two novelty options. Our fruit & Veg as well as our anal shows are something you don’t want to miss.

To Book Call 1300 858 821 or simply email and one of our freindly staff will contact you within 24 hours.

Strippers in Camp Hill