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Nude Waitresses SA

Our foxy nude waitresses will bare all while serving you and your guests nude. Things could get a little cheeky! Minum booking is two hours.

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Bikini & Lingerie Waitresses SA

Our seductive Absolute Blonde bikini and lingerie waitresses will serve you drinks and keep you and your mates entertained all night. Minimum booking is two hours.

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Progressive Waitresses SA

Your selected Absolute Blonde model will start as a lingerie waitress for the first hour, then the party heats up as she removes her bra for an hour of topless waitressing which brings you to the second hour. For the third hour your sexy Absolute blondewaitress will remove everything and do an hour of full nude waitressing for all your guests. You may change the duration of each service however prices will then change too. e.g Two hours lingerie, one hour topless and one hour nude.

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Topless Waitresses SA

Your chosen topless waitresses will have your drinks fill and keep the good times rolling. This is the most commonly booked waitressing service for bucks nights and boys nights. Minimum booking is two hours.

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Topless Poker Dealer

Your seductive Absolute Blonde model is more than just eye candy… She can deal poker too. Choose how you’d like to have your poker dealer dressed and add $10 extra per hour. E.g topless model plus poker dealing is $120/hour plus $10/hour.

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